Marital Counseling

Marriage and or relationships are living and dynamic organisms. They are constantly changing and evolving just as we are as individuals. Relationships are uniquely challenging in the process of evolution because they involve more than one person. Therefore the “art” of evolution in a relationship involves harmony and oneness in order to grow. As we Americans know, with one out of every two marriages ending in divorce, relationships require much synchrony in order to survive.

Marriages and relationships that experience health and happiness are those that are in continuous check with each other as individuals to balance individuality and nurture the unity shared as a couple. Relationships that are injured and lost direction certainly require the need of professional counseling to get things back on track. However, many relationships benefit from counseling services as a “check in” service for the relationship to provide a “safe space” to improve communications and stay connected in their relationship goals. Counseling serves as a way to nurture the marriage and each other before issues arise.

Marriage counseling can benefit couples who are struggling with communication issues, differences in parenting, family roles and expectations, infidelity, forgiveness, intimacy issues, financial struggles, and personality differences.

The Center for a Brighter Tomorrow is proud to work with couples of all faiths, genders and sexual orientations.