Individual Counseling

The journey of life is much like traveling in a car. There are often unexpected detours, variations in pace and sometimes bumps in the road that require repairs. The human experience is similar in that there are times in our lives that we are diverted from our destination by setbacks and issues that require assistance. The goal is to get the issue addressed in order to get back on the “road” and to our “destination”. The journey of life can be difficult and we are often left without a map or resources. These are the points in life when counseling can be advantageous.

The process of counseling or therapy involves seeking the help of a mental health professional to address the struggles you face and develop a plan of action. Therapy involves meeting with a licensed professional to identify origins of the issues you face, assess the resources needed to solve the issues, and to develop strategies with you for the best possible outcome. The therapeutic interventions are evidenced-based techniques that are offered to determine the best solution for reaching your treatment goals. There is no one set treatment regimen. The process of therapy is individualized to each person based on his or her own unique needs. Talking to a mental health professional can be an effective tool for getting life “back on the road” to success.