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Brighter Tomorrow

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Front Desk Hours are Monday – Friday. 8 am – 5 pm, Day, Evening, and Saturday Appointments Available.

Our Home is Your Home at the Center for a Brighter Tomorrow, PLLC

The Center was founded by Brook Sprayberry in 2015. Clinicians have been added based on their skills so that we can provide a full range of services. We choose our location because of the homey atmosphere that reflects our belief that therapy should take place in the most comfortable setting possible. We are a highly dedicated group of therapists who treat common problems that people seek counseling for.


  • Adult Counseling – Anxiety, Depression, Life Issues, Personal Problems
  • Child Therapy – Play therapy and cognitive. Age-
    appropriate services.
  • Marital Counseling – Improve your relationships by learning new skills.
  • Therapy/Support Groups – Call to see which groups are available currently.
  • Psychological Testing
  • Educational Groups – Sessions, for parents and youth.
  • Supervised Parent/Child Visits

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Our staff consists of licensed professionals who care about people. They are dedicated to help you achieve a brighter tomorrow by making your life better today.